Hi there! My name is Shannon and I am a recent grad from Texas A&M University who now lives in big ole' Houston, TX. I have taken my first job in the "adult, corporate world" as the marketing coordinator for a commercial and industrial air conditioning company.  I first started blogging when I studied abroad to Spain my junior year of college and (surprisingly!) really enjoyed documenting my crazy adventures. This blog is just an outlet for me to keep my juices flowing from the male-dominated, machine-focused industry that I am surrounded by every day.

These are a few of my favorite people
my boyfriend, Zach | my family | a few of my best friends

These are a few of my favorite places
Free Press Summer Fest 2013 | my family's bayhouse in Galveston | Barcelona, Spain

So what is Shannonigens?
No matter how much I want to be a spontanious, free spirit...I have come to terms that I will always be the type A planner. Shannonigens is what I feel like my life is: beautiful, organized chaos.

Words that describe me
coffee lover | hopeless romantic | daughter | sister | friend | complete and total goofball | type A | wanna-be writer | Aggie | Former Student | twenty-something | millennial | apple snob | dreamer | dancer

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