Friday, November 7, 2014

November 2014

Welp it is finally cooling down in Houston it looks like! It was a little strange celebrating Halloween sweating in our costumes. BUT while most people are already beginning their countdowns towards Christmas, I am WAY more focused on my favorite upcoming holiday: Thanksgiving. Who doesn't love the holiday centered around food, family, and football?

November 2014 

  1. VOTE!
    I definitely cheated on this one...I voted early
  2. Attend Wurst Fest in New Braunfels
  3. Begin writing down what I am thankful for
  4. Get a little more headway on finding my own place in the city
  5. Catch up with friends when I visit College Station for the Aggie vs Missouri game
  6. Make mom's famous turkey dressing for Thanksgiving 

And a peek at how last month went:

October 2014

  1. Plan out an awesome Halloween costume
    I was really proud of what we came up with
  2. Pick up my blogging game (beginning with travel logs from Seattle)
    For not planning out my posts and writing when I had time, I didn't do half bad!
  3. Continue to go to Cycling classes each week
    I missed only one class because I was going to tour an apartment...and honestly should have just skipped seeing the apartment instead...
  4. Create something pumpkin flavored (or at least try the coveted Pumpkin Spice Latte)
  5. Plan a little something for Zach and I's one-year anniversary
    We had a nice dinner at III Forks in Houston: literally the greatest meal of my life
  6. Buy something to support Breast Cancer Awareness
What goals do you have for the month of November?

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Just One of the Boys

I work in an incredibly male dominated industry. For instance, Tuesday morning meetings have at most 4 women and about 25 men at one time. I'm not saying this is a bad thing, by any means, but I just wanted to give you a general idea of what I'm working with. As the marketing coordinator, I work with the salesmen all the time. There's Monday sales meetings I make reports for, marketing materials I'll create and photoshop, and just about anything else they throw my way.

WELL instead of a normal Monday afternoon meeting, the VP of Sales thought it might be fun for the guys to go shooting because they do take a lot of customers hunting in the upcoming months (hunting season starts in a couple of weeks). And to my surprise, they asked me to join as well!

I had shot a rifle when I was much younger at a family friend's ranch, but it has been years. The only shooting I do lately is behind a camera.

But you know what? I did it! I used a larger rifle at first and the kick just about knocked me out of my chair. All of the guys around me were chuckling at the "Good. Grief." that I said immediately afterwards. A couple of shots later, I wasn't half bad! Made it inside the green circle, (tiny white was the bulls eye, green was surrounding that) each time! You may now refer to me as Annie Oakley.

Afterwards it was off to a sports bar to get beers and, in normal guy fashion, make fun of each other. Surprisingly, I felt right at home.

Being surrounded by empowered women is one of the things I miss most about college. I was in organizations with women that were leaders and incredibly motivated to take on whatever goal they had. But the biggest surprise? I have really enjoyed working in a very male dominated industry. It makes me work harder, stay on my toes, and constantly prove that I am no different just for being a woman.

Has your work brought upon any cool/fun/new experiences lately??

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Just a Spoonful of Sugar // Halloween 2014

Halloween costumes, without a doubt, stress me out every year. I am definitely not for the more revealing type, but I don't want to do something too punny that no one will be able to recognize either. Normally I think of something last minute (meaning, literally the day of) or I reuse something I've done from years past…

But this year…THIS year I had decided WAY in advance. Okay...translation: I saw someone do this costume last year and it was too adorable not to recreate (AND Lauren Conrad did it…so of course I thought it was adorable).

Cue the pinterest hunt:

Screenshot from my OneNote inspiration pages 

Honestly though, it was a fairly easy costume! I ordered the red bowtie and bowler hat from Amazon because I didn't have time during my week to run to a costume shop. I had the black skirt and white button-down shirt. A quick dash to the dollar store to get cheap flowers, a little hot glue and I had a beautiful creation

As for Bert (the Chimney Sweep's) costume, it was almost just as easy. Zach had the trousers, white button-up shirt and vest and decided to  buy the Newsboy hat from Amazon (for the very same reason I did). Now the chimney broom was where we had to get a little creative. When we stopped by Dollar Tree for my flowers, we also picked up a small broom while we were there. We removed the actual brush and cut off all the bristles. Next, a trip to Walmart for a can of black spray paint and a half sphere of floral Styrofoam. Hot glued the half sphere to the top of the broom, crammed the bristles along the sides, spray, and voila!

For our added touches I snagged a big black bag and a golf umbrella, and Zach got a dose of MAC Carbon eyeshadow on his face.

We might not have won the costume contest we went to but everyone adored our outfits (if you haven't seen it on Instagram already)!

AND if this isn't the cutest nerd couple, I don't know who is! My parents always have the most adorable costume every Halloween