Friday, October 24, 2014

Sleepless in Seattle

When I decided I was going to begin blogging again, I thought I would kick it back to my travel logging days...and then, per usual, life happened and I have become one of those bloggers who talks about how they never blog. Awesome start right?

BUT! My boyfriend's older sister, CJ and her fun husband, Adam live in Seattle. Shortly after I had graduated Adam sent me a Facebook message and was like "Congratulations! Now when are you and Zach visiting?". My eyes bulged and I brought it up to Zach the next time I stayed over at his place. A few phone calls later, he asked "do you prefer the first or second weekend of October?"

LOVE when you casually bring up an idea and then it actually starts to happen.

This was going to be the farthest north I had ever traveled, and being from Houston, I did NOT know what to anticipate weather and packing-wise (hello, I am still wearing shorts and its almost November)...Fashion Travel Girl definitely helped. Their Seattle packing guide was an absolute life saver. 

We decided for the first week of October and could NOT have picked a better time. Things at work were all kinds of stressful and homegirl needed a little getaway. We planned for me to take a half day at work that Friday, I would run a few errands then pick up Zach from work to head to the airport.

The flight was close to 4 hours so we both picked up a magazine before boarding and were happy as clams. I managed to squeeze in a small nap (thank goodness) but woke up in time to see the sun set over the Rocky Mountains.

From the moment we were off the plane, Zach and I took off running. A quick swing to pick up our luggage, CJ & Adam were waiting on us out front and off we went. Even at night Seattle was beautiful. As he headed to their part of town, we stopped at a local Fast Food joint, Dick's, for burgers (yes, I giggled like a child every time they said it). 

After a short home tour (they have the most ADORABLE bungalow-styled home) and scarfing down our bag of Dick's (cue more giggles), one of Zach's best friends from College, Kevin and his fiancé Jeane met us to walk to a local dive bar near their home. The sign out front advertised karaoke and $2 jello shots, so we knew the night was going to be a great one.

Saturday morning started earlier than our hangovers would have liked…but an Aggie game was on and we had to be the insane fans that we are. Katy Perry was on gameday and I was hoping that would provide more luck for us than it had…Just about the only great thing about the game were the awesome ice white uniforms. Our Ags lost 31-48, and we were so upset that we left the house before it was over...

Next on the schedule was a ferry ride to Bainbridge, a small island off the coast! CJ took some adorable pictures of us and the Seattle skyline, but I have yet to get those. We were lucky with what was a beautiful sunny day, but it was still pretty windy and chilly out on the deck. We were off to meet up with CJ & Adam's good friends from Brazil. They were going to be returning to Brazil in the upcoming week and were having a go-away party at one of their family's houses. This house was amazing. Right out of pinterest, beach out in front, magical place. We spent the day enjoying amazing Brazilian BBQ and stories from their friends.

Thanks to falling asleep on the ferry ride home the night before, we were MUCH more refreshed that morning compared to last. We had a FULL day of touristy events to handle today. After a quick breakfast we were off to the winery. We stopped at the Columbia Winery, which CJ & Adam are members of, and enjoyed a tasting. I really enjoyed the Cab (not a surprise there) and they had an amazing blend. Thank goodness we had a schedule for the day or I could have stayed there all day.

Next, we hopped practically across the street to Woodinville Whiskey Co., a distillery. This place really impressed me. I consider myself a whiskey drinker, but I almost always have to have a mixer with it. We had a tasting here of their bourbon whiskey, rye whiskey, and vodka and I can honestly say I enjoyed sipping on them. Normally vodka makes me have goosebumps whenever it's alone but I was pleasantly surprised.

Happily buzzed-from-whine-and-whiskey Shannon stared with wide eyes as we made it into the city of Seattle. I mentioned it was amazing at night but it was breath taking during the day. As mentioned earlier, we were incredibly lucky with the great weather that weekend. The reputation of rain and yuckiness seemed like a complete lie the entire time.

Next stop: the iconic Pike Place Market. The floral lover in me was instantly drawn to the gorgeous bouquets that were literally $5. Tons of fresh produce and seafood lined the crowded walkways through the market. We stopped towards the end to watch the throwing of the fish AND to get hot fresh donuts. If you're wondering what heaven tastes like, this was it.

After a couple of fitting, touristy photos (that CJ has…again, I have failed) we were off to REI and to Ballard for some "life changing sandwiches." We had Caribbean Roast sandwiches, their most popular item on the menu. After standing in line for about 40 minutes, we were dancing with anticipation on the ride back home. There are no words. I (AGAIN) wish I had taken a picture of it to remember it. So. Good.

I didn't think I would be able to put anything else in my system, but with a whiskey shot later, we were off to a local brewery: Fresh Hop. We were going to meet two of their friends and their daughter for a few beers and some more sunshine. This place was awesome. I had a citrusy IPA and Zach had one with a lot of cucumber. There were soooo many puppies and babies that there was plenty of entertainment to watch.

Next, what we thought was a drive back home was a slight detour to a few (incredibly) scenic stops of the city. 

With a day that never stopped, we were looking forward to cooking at home and just having a calm night in. Their good friend came over to join us and brought along his two pups, one of which is about 10 weeks old. More. Puppy. Heaven. After dinner we watched The Secret Life of Walter Mitty (which Zach fell asleep for like an hour of) and then off to bed.

Monday morning was kind of sad because we were definitely not ready to leave, but we were reminded that at least we were not going to work that day!

Seattle was the PERFECT getaway and I sincerely hope that is not my only time to visit.

Have you had a weekend getaway lately?

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