Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Just a Spoonful of Sugar // Halloween 2014

Halloween costumes, without a doubt, stress me out every year. I am definitely not for the more revealing type, but I don't want to do something too punny that no one will be able to recognize either. Normally I think of something last minute (meaning, literally the day of) or I reuse something I've done from years past…

But this year…THIS year I had decided WAY in advance. Okay...translation: I saw someone do this costume last year and it was too adorable not to recreate (AND Lauren Conrad did it…so of course I thought it was adorable).

Cue the pinterest hunt:

Screenshot from my OneNote inspiration pages 

Honestly though, it was a fairly easy costume! I ordered the red bowtie and bowler hat from Amazon because I didn't have time during my week to run to a costume shop. I had the black skirt and white button-down shirt. A quick dash to the dollar store to get cheap flowers, a little hot glue and I had a beautiful creation

As for Bert (the Chimney Sweep's) costume, it was almost just as easy. Zach had the trousers, white button-up shirt and vest and decided to  buy the Newsboy hat from Amazon (for the very same reason I did). Now the chimney broom was where we had to get a little creative. When we stopped by Dollar Tree for my flowers, we also picked up a small broom while we were there. We removed the actual brush and cut off all the bristles. Next, a trip to Walmart for a can of black spray paint and a half sphere of floral Styrofoam. Hot glued the half sphere to the top of the broom, crammed the bristles along the sides, spray, and voila!

For our added touches I snagged a big black bag and a golf umbrella, and Zach got a dose of MAC Carbon eyeshadow on his face.

We might not have won the costume contest we went to but everyone adored our outfits (if you haven't seen it on Instagram already)!

AND if this isn't the cutest nerd couple, I don't know who is! My parents always have the most adorable costume every Halloween

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